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JUNE 8-12, 2020

Leeuwarden will host the ICAR - INTERBULL 2020 Conference. The central theme of this event will be circular economy, and its impact and challenges in animal performance recording and animal breeding.


By 2050, the global population will have grown to around 9.5 billion people. Unless we change our patterns of production and consumption, we risk exhausting the planet’s resources. Circular agriculture should enable us to produce enough food for everyone within the boundaries set by our planet.

Circular agriculture is based on the principle of optimizing the use of all biomass. The waste streams of one supply chain can be the raw materials for another. In this scenario, animals would to a much greater extent be fed from human food waste. 


Achieving this kind of circular agriculture systems will require smart integration between plant-based and animal-based supply chains.

Better data and converting these data into easy to use management information will allow for better decisions in breeding, feeding and taking proper care of animal health and well-being, all this in support of the overall strive for a more sustainable food production.


Friesland was once the nursery of the Friesian cows. These were exported in large numbers in the 19th and 20th century and served as the basis for the worldwide population of Holstein Friesian cows. Visiting the ICAR - INTERBULL 2020 Conference in Leeuwarden is more than just visiting a regular ICAR or Interbull Conference, it’s where old traditions and a smart future meet.

The successful development and rapid implementation of new innovations help the farmers to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their production. Come and see how the Dutch livestock sector addresses his challenges in become efficient and sustainable.

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